Rental Options

There is a choice of accommodation options for international students to choose from within Auckland and New Zealand. One commonly used accommodation type is “flatting” where students live together and share the cost of rental and day to day expenses. It’s a great way to make friends and at the same time live independently.

You can find flatting options on the following websites:
• Trademe
• Flatfinder
• NZ Flatmates


Homestay accommodation is also very popular way for International students to assimilate into the New Zealand culture and lifestyle while enjoying a family environment – a home away from home. Being a multi-cultural society the homestay hosts could come from various cultural / ethnic backgrounds. So this gives students a fantastic opportunity to get to know the ‘melting pot’ of cultures that New Zealand supports and is proud of.

We will make every effort to provide a suitable homestay arrangement for our students through our trusted partners.

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Host Family Accommodation

  • Half Board
    16 meals per week
  • Full Board
    21 meals per week
  • NZ$260
    per week
  • NZ$290
    per week