Medical and travel insurance

The New Zealand Government requires that all international students have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. This includes students on a Work Permit / Visa with a Variation of Condition to study part time. Evidence of suitable medical and travel insurance must be presented as a condition of enrolment at Seafield school of English.

Seafield School of English’s preferred insurance provider is Southern Cross Insurance. Students must take the package that will cover their length of visa. Please refer to the latest Immigration New Zealand conditions.

Public Transportation

You can get around Auckland by bus, train or ferry. Students who are enrolled for 16 consecutive weeks or more are eligible for a student discount from Auckland Transport. For more information please visit the AT website.


Seafield School of English is a smoke free zone. In general, in NZ you cannot smoke in any indoor workplaces or public spaces. New Zealand’s smoke free Environment’s act covers all indoor public workplaces and hospitality venues like pubs, bars, restaurants etc.

What’s around us?

Auckland CBD has lots of coffee shops, eateries serving local and international cuisines, grocery stores, shopping arcades, and fun activities that you can participate in. Have a look at the Heart of Auckland website for all the exciting options available to you.


In New Zealand, as in international student, you can drive for up to 12 months on your current, full, valid driver’s licence. We recommend you know the road rules in New Zealand before driving. Click HERE to take a free 66-question quiz in English, Chinese, German, Spanish or French that will help you learn the essential rules. Most car rental companies require a driver age of 21 years old.

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