Public transport in Auckland

Auckland, the largest metropolitan area of New Zealand is serviced by three modes of public transport – bus, train and ferry. These services are coordinated by Auckland Transport under the AT Metro brand. Britomart Transport Centre in the heart of the CBD is the main transport hub.

International students are eligible for a discount on the public transport services. The HOP card has attractive concessions for Tertiary Students.

You can pay your fares on Auckland’s public buses, trains and ferries in cash or by using the pre-pay AT HOP smart card. The AT HOP fares are generally at least 20 per cent cheaper than paying cash for the same journey. When using your AT HOP card, you must always ‘tag on’ when you start your trip and ‘tag off’ at the end.

AT HOP smart cards can be bought online or at many locations across Auckland, including the i-Site shop located in the arrivals area of Auckland International Airport. You can add money to your AT HOP card at various stores around the area, and at the large blue Ticket and Top-up machines around Auckland, located at all train stations and at the Northern Busway Stations. A complete list can be found on the AT Metro website.

Driving in New Zealand

All vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road. Before you drive in New Zealand you should read the Road Code to learn about the rules of the road, especially the ‘give way’ rule which differs from any other country. You must also take out a minimum level of insurance against damage to other people or their property. If you have a driver license from another country or an international driving permit, you may drive in New Zealand for a maximum of one year. If you would like to continue driving, you must hold a New Zealand license. There are three kinds of license, as follows:

Learner License:

First you must pass a theory test. If you pass the test, you may begin driving, but only with a supervisor who is an experienced driver. You may carry passengers, if the supervisor agrees. If you use a driving instructor during this time, you will pay for each hour of instruction – roughly around $50.00 per hour

Restricted License:

After six months as a Learner driver you may attempt a practical driving test for a restricted license. If you pass the test, you may drive on your own between 5.00 am and 10.00 pm. For other hours a supervisor must accompany you. You may carry close relatives, but you can carry other passengers only if the supervisor agrees.
Drivers from some countries may not need to sit the practical test – you need to ask if this applies to you.

Full License:

After eighteen months you may apply for a Full license – you can apply after six months if you are 25 or over.

More information about driving in New Zealand can be obtained from the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA).

Free phone 0800 822 422

Or visit their website

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